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offers the best prices in our comparison, selling truly cheap contact lenses to the masses!

Important to have in mind when you buy your contacts online is: Don't forget to check your eyes once a year at the optician or at the eye care clinic.

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As you can see in the menu we provide some useful answers to questions regarding issues that face those of us that wear discount contacts, Color Contacts and Theatrical Contacts. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us by email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Products you can expect to find in the stores we review includes:

  • Baush & Lomb - Optima FW Soflens 66 Purevision 2-week, Optima 38 and Optima Toric.
  • Ciba Vision - Focus Visitint Focus Softcolors, Focus Monthly and Focus Dailies. Also Night & Day Cibasoft standard visitint, progressive and Torisoft Contacts as well as Softcon EW.
  • Cooper Vision - Frequency 55 and 38, Natural Touch and Preference. Also expressions Colors NFL Crazy Lenses and Vantage and Vantage Thin. Also from Cooper Vision is Crazy Eyes and Encore Toric and Hydrasoft standard and Hydrasoft Toric and Cooper Clear.
  • Johnson & Johnson / Vistakon - Their brands are: Acuvue (The model we compare prices for here at cheap contact lenses), Acuvue 2 with colors Opaque and Colors Enhancers. Also from J&J are Acuvue Bifocals and Acuvue Toric ad of course Surevue.
  • Ocular Sciences / American Hydron - Biomedics 55 and Biomedics 38 and Z4 and Z6 soft flex wear. Also Edge III 3 thin and Proactive 55 XT and Hydron Mini.
  • Specialty Ultravision - Choice AB
  • Biocompatibles - Proclear Compatibles
  • Boston - Boston 7 EO and Boston II 2. Also Boston Multivision Envision ES IV RXD Contacts.
  • Sunsoft - From Sunsoft comes Revolution a truly cheap contact lenses favorite, multiples and Sunflex. Also Aphakic and Toric as well as Eclipse Toric and Multiples Toric 1 and 2.
  • Wesley Jessen - Wild Eyes, Freshlook Colorblends and Color Opaque. Also Color Enhancers and Precision UV and Hydrocurve II 2 Extra Toric. Clearview Extra and Durasoft 2 clear spheres d2 T4 T3 Extra Std. And MTO and Colors for light eyes. News from cheap contact lenses: Optifits Complements and Aquaflex and Softmate B Extra now available at the stores we review.
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